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We take Web site development task as our interest. We do Front end, backend, custom module development, responsive…
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We have good expertise and experience in upgrading drupal6 sites to drupal7 latest version. We have experience in upgrading very complex ...
Before starting with SASS AND COMPASS you need to have Ruby gems so you'll need to have Ruby on your machine. ...
Drupal Coding standards provide a set of rules for how your code should be formatted, whether you should use tabs or spaces, what the Nam...

It was a pleasure working with Vikas and we plan to work on more projects together very soon.. He is a genuine Drupal expert. Always available, responsive, and an excellent communicator. Top marks

Vikas was very good to work with. He knows ins and outs of drupal and available on mail & skype always to discuss the points. He is very skilled in complex drupal related stuffs & I strongly recommend him for any kind of drupal project

Vikas has the skills to develop a website and has good communication skills

Vikas did several complex content types for various projects as well as filterable views and deep taxonomy structures. He also helped us layout and program Homepages. Vikas was a pleasure to work with and completed his projects in a timely manner

Rishu has extensive knowledge on Drupal framework . He is good at writing php code and following best coding practices. Though, we had a patchy start when it took him a while to fully understand the requirement (on his favor - it was a tough requirem

Vikas is an excellent and fair contractor: timely communications, self-manages, delivers on schedule - the consumate professional. He figured out how to theme a notoriously difficult iframe and responsive complex slider that works in multiple brows

Vikas did a great job in setting up a bilingual drupal site for us. There was a couple of misunderstandings in the brief but vikas always fixed up issues quickly and was great to deal with. He is knowledgable about Drupal and I would recommend him to