We at DrupalChamp strictly follow the SDLC ( Software Development Life Cycle ) process. We render high quality SDLC process to our International prospects. We have good experience in using and implementing SDLC process in course of project development. We implements cost effective SDLC processes, it in turns deliver quality output at every stage.

The SDLC Process Project Teams can range from small to large multi-disciplined teams, built on our solid experience in consistently delivering successful projects for client organizations. Our Project delivery services feature strong governance model, excellent project management methodologies, best delivery practices, tools, checklists, and templates designed to complement and support of leading industry methodologies.

Once we get the quote. We write a detailed proposal which include all understanding from our side. Once proposal are accepted we act on working it further phase by phase.  Below are phases in detail :--

1) Design :-- We then move to the project design phase. In Design phase we design the project with using certain design tools. We represent all modules and flow in that design. We use generally visio to depict the project design modal. After the modal is finished we send it to you. Once we get green signal about the project modal from you we start onto next phase of process.

2) Development :-- we use two stages for development process. One is UI development and second is coding.

  • UI development:-- The next stage we use is the development. We design project interface using Photoshop. We generally create five instances of UI and it is sent to client for approval. If there are changes we change the UI and send it back to client for approval of design.
  • Coding:-- Once the design is approved. Coding is the next stage we do. We download modules etc. configure them. After that we develop themes first. We use Omega as a base  theme for     theme development process. Once the theme is ready we then  do other custom module development and templates work if necessary.

3) Testing :-- Testing is the most vital process and most important one. We write test cases and write simpletest for every cases. We have experience in writing test cases and writing simpletest module on the basis of them. Our QA people do a thorough test. It is the process that takes lot of time.

4) Deployment :-- At this stage we write our own profile. With the use of features and other module we package all the stuffs of a particular project under one tar ball. We take latest db dump of project and package them. Once it is packaged we deploy it to the clients web server. Since there is a custom profile written for project there is no need to do extra configuration what happens generally.

5) Maintenance :-- This is of course an ongoing process. We deliver projects and we maintain it for long period if necessary.