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FAQ, as most of you probably already know, stands for " Frequently Asked Questions". In a web context, it would mean collecting the frequently asked questions and answers in one place making it easy to find for the visitors.

How can I display Facebook Public Page Posts on your website?

You have to create a Facebook app, using this app you will get a page access token and then using this token you will get the data of the user's public posts

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Why is my app being prevented from using any of the approved permissions?

Your app will be prevented from using any approved permissions and features related to the products below while in Live mode until you complete the business verification & contract signing process.

  • Business Manager API
  • Extended Facebook Login permissions
  • Events API
  • Groups API
  • Instagram Graph API
  • Lead Ads
  • Live Video API
  • Marketing API
  • Messenger Platform
  • Pages API


What is Facebook Webhook?

Webhook send a real-time HTTP notification when any user post, comment, messages etc on Facebook.


To get facebook object fields in webhook notification response needs to subscribe?

Yes, you need to subscribe those fields that you want in notification response.

Webhook Subscribe


How Facebook Webhook is useful for user?

If you continuously send requests to receive Facebook posts, after some time it gives you a rate limit error, so in this case if you use Facebook Webhook, you will not need to send the request, it will automatically notify you when someone posts on their Facebook page.



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