How To CiviCRM install on drupal site ?


CiviCRM is a customer relationship management suite that can use Drupal or other CMS to track contacts and their relationships to projects and initiatives. In this guide we will discuss how to install CiviCRM on DRUPAL. CiviCRM manage a seprate database to track contacts and their relationship to projects. During installation on drupal we create a database for our DRUPAL site. So in the same way we need to create a separate database for CiviCRM.

Before starting CiviCRM installation I suppose that you have already a install Drupal Site for which you are going to install CiviCRM . So if have not install a Drupal site, then do that first.

Now Download CiviCRM and unzip it into your Drupal site Module folder i.e sites/all/modules. After it you have to create a database for your CiviCRM , so create a database as you created for your site. Now you have two databases for your site, one to manage Drupal site and another is for CiviCRM. Be careful about user name and password of both databases, because that will be used during CiviCRM installation.

To start CiviCRM installation, browse CiviCRM installation file as "<yoursitename>/sites/all/modules/civicrm/install/index.php" ". Then CiviCRM Installer will appear, where you have to provide the details of your sites Database and CiviCRM database.

civiCRM installer

Below this you will also see CiviCRM Database Details, Drupal Database Details and Requirements(PHP Configuration,File permissions).

Once all its requirements is checked then all RED Color indication become Green, and installation will be done in few minutes. Then you find a "CiviCRM" menu your site admin menu, which redirect you to CiviCR.


civiCRM image

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