How to create an event calendar in Drupal 7 ?


We're going to show you how to show a monthly, weekly or daily list of upcoming events.

First, we'll show you how to set up a basic Calendar.

You'll need to enable and install these modules:

make sure to enable both Date API and Date Views.

Before moving calender view, firstly Create an event content type with a date field, and add some event for this content type.

To create event calender view you need to follow these steps:---

  • Go to Structure > Views > Add view from template.

    Calender from template

  • Click add next to "A calendar view of the 'field_event_date' field in the 'node' base table."

    Calender from template

  • Choose a name of your new Calendar view and Click Continue.

    Event calender

  • Click Save in the top-right corner of your View.

    Event calender view

  • On Scroll down, You'll see that there's a calendar view with content inside.

    Calender result

  • Now, show these calender views in whatever region you want!

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