How To do View paths translation in Drupal ?


Drupal provides a great multilanguage functionality for your website. Drupal core already offers a way to translate the website interface AND your content (nodes) in multiple languages. Today, I have found a way to translate paths made by the Views module.

To translate view path for multilanguage site one can follow the few simple steps:--

  1. Create a View and enter the Path in English. Eg: 'latest/event'.
  2. Save Your view.
  3. Navigate to your newly created view, so Drupal adds the strings to the translation table.
  4. Then go to Admin > Config > Search > Path (admin/config/search/path) and click Add alias.
  5. In Existing system path, enter the URL you just created (eg latest/event).
  6. In Path alias, enter the URL you want in the other language (eg 最新/事件 for Chinese).
  7. Make sure you set the language to the adjoining language (eg Chinese) and press Create new alias.

You can check below image for reference

Path settings

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