How To Implement Twitter Integration in Drupal ?


Twitter Integration in Drupal

Step 1: Enable Twitter Module and its Dependencies

  • Download Twitter Module and extract it to sites/all/module
  • Download Oauth and extract it to sites/all/module
  • Now Enable both modules

Note : If you found "DrupalOAuthClient requires the PHP cURL library. (Currently using OAuth cURL library not found)"

Then Enable the cURL

Step 2: Generate API Key

Go to register your application and Sign In with your id.

    • Fill the form and after filling form click Create your Twitter application. After this it will show your CONSUMER KEY and SECRET KEY


    • Click Keys and Access Tokens Tab and click Create my access token button. It will generate your Token


  • Click the Permission tab and choose application permission mode according to you requirement

Step 3: Configure Twitter

    • Now come back to your site and Go to admin/config/services/twitter/settings and in the OAuth Consumer key and OAuth Consumer Secret Field put your OAuth Consumer key and OAuth Consumer secret respectively
    • Click On Save Configuration button
    • Click Twitter tab
    • After Clicking Twitter Tab you will see the button Go to Twitter to add an authenticated account. Click it. It will verify your token is valid or not if it's valid then it will show page with your application name.

authorize image

Now have to Click Authorize App button. After Clicking it will redirect to your page

Its also provide tweet as view page.

Just need to check the checkbox of Tweets Field and after that save configuration button

Twwet view image

Step 4: Configure Tweeter Post Block

Go to admin/structure/block and find Tweets and set the reason where you want to show it.

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