How To Install Drupal ?


Step 1: Install XAMPP

1. Download XAMPP From (

2. Install The XAMPP.

3. Open XAMPP Control Panel.

4. Click the "Start" buttons next to both "Apache" and "MySQL".

image1 image

Step 2: Download & Install Drupal

1. Download the latest recommended version of Drupal. Save the download in C:\xampp\htdocs or where you install the XAMPP.

2. Unzip the download of Drupal, it will probably create a directory called "drupal-7.34" (or whatever the latest version of Drupal is). Possibly rename this directory to "MyFirstDrupalSites".

3. Open Your web browser, type http://localhost/phpmyadmin.

4. Click On Databases & Create Database with name "MyFirstDrupalSites".

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5. Open Your web browser, type http://localhost

6. Click On "MyFirstDrupalSites"

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7. Click Save and Continue.

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8. Fill the Database Configuration Database name,Database username.Database password By defualt database username is root & database password is empty.

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9. After Click On Save and Continue drupal install core module.

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10. Fill the Site Information. and Click on Save and Continue

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11. Clic on Visit your new sites

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Congrats You Create Your New Drupal Websites


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