How to receive frequent Facebook posts without limit error for over 200+ FB pages in Drupal 7


Suppose your app fetch feeds from many Facebook pages and you are constantly sending requests for getting these Facebook pages feeds, then this condition it gives the error response "Application Limits has been reached" and you can not send a request again within a certain time period.

Then in this condition, you can switch the apps on every cron OR when you got limit reached in one app then switch it to another one.

For this, I have created a setting form where I can insert many Facebook Apps credentials

FB Settings

But in this case your all apps have permission to access these Facebook Page data. If you have the new version Facebook app then you need to grant "manage_pages" permission for all apps via Facebook.

and now i fetch the feeds data via cron and switch the app on every cron or when we get limit reached in one app and then I had switched it to another one.

Or another method for resolve this issue is "Webhook".

Webhooks allows you to receive real-time HTTP notifications of changes to specific objects in the Facebook Social Graph. So when the user creates a new post, Facebook will send you a notification. This prevents you from having to query the Graph API for changes to objects that may or may not have happened, and helps you avoid reaching your rate limit.

In the notification, you will receive only those fields data that you have subscribed.




Webhook Response



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