How to receive frequent Facebook posts without limit error for over 200+ FB pages in Drupal 7


Suppose your app receives feeds from multiple Facebook pages and you are constantly sending requests to receive feeds from these Facebook pages, then in this case the Facebook application reaches its maximum limit and it starts giving error feedback. And then you can't get the feed for a certain period of time

Then for this situation, it would be good to use Facebook Webhooks For this

Webhooks allows you to receive real-time HTTP notifications of changes to specific objects in the Facebook Social Graph. So when the user creates a new post, Facebook will send you a notification. This prevents you from having to query the Graph API for changes to objects that may or may not have happened, and helps you avoid reaching your rate limit.

But in this case your apps must have permission to access the Facebook page data. If you have a new version Facebook app then you need to get "manage_pages" permission for your app through Facebook.

Before an app can be made public, it typically must go through App Review. During review, apps can request approval for specific permissions, which control the types of data the app can access when using the Graph API.

And then to get Webhooks notifications, you have to subscribe all the pages from which you want to take feed through your app.

Visit our blog to see how to subscribe to Facebook page to get Webhook notifications

In the notification, you will receive only those fields data that you have subscribed.




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