How To use the Crypto Distribution in Drupal 8 ?

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Crypto Distribution is a powerful profile distribution to show the live stream of market capitalization, charts and prices data of the top Crypto Currencies.

It mainly uses the Crypto Compare REST & Websocket API for updating live stream data of these Crypto Currencies.

Actually React and Drupal can be used together to create amazing digital experiences.

So in this distribution, the React JS have been integrated on home page for displaying Top 4 Currency Boxes & Coin listing.

To use react it creates an API for coin list and with the help of custom module it is implementing react for home page coin list and for live data Socket and High chart is also being uses with react for making more impressive coin list.

You can download the distribution from here and extract it then visits your site.

The Douce Crypto Distribution profile installation has been started automatically. If you get memory timeout error in installation process then drop all tables from the database and increase the memory limit from php.ini and run the installation again.

Your site has been installed successfully.

After installation of this distribution, you must put an API key for updating the live stream data.
You can generate an API key from here and update this API key in your site Crypto API settings to visit this URL "/admin/config/crypto_api/settings".

See the attached below screenshot.

Crypo Compare API


Crypto API Key


Now visit your Home page, you can see the Crypto Currencies Live Stream data updated automatically.

Douce Crypto Home


By Default, it gives the 100 Crypto Currencies lists, if you want to add more currencies than you need to add a currency and it's market.

You can add a new currency with basic information from here "/node/add/currency".


Add Crypto Currencies


and then add a market regarding this currency to store the markets data from here "/node/add/markets".

See the attached screenshot of the Bitcoin Markets.


Bitcoin Markets


These data updated automatically in back end via cron.

and when you visit the currencies detail page, you can see the Price Graph with all the basic information regarding this currency.

On the currency detail page, You can see the different tabs that show the "Markets", "Exchange", "Social", "Historical Data" information of this currency.

See the attached below screenshot.


Curreny MarketsCurrency ExchangeCurrency SocialCurrency Historical Data



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