How To use google store locator module in drupal ?


The Google's Store Locator modules create a 'Store Locator' page that your site visitors can use to find and get directions to your physical stores.

Some features are:

Custom Marker Icons: Upload your companies icon to display it as the marker pins on the map.

Location Awareness: If the user decides to share their location with the browser, the map will re-center and zoom in around their physical location

How it Works

Step 1: Firstly Download and enable these modules and its dependencies.

and Use git to clone the 'storelocator' library into /sites/all/libraries. Create the libraries directory if it doesn't already exist. Path should read /sites/all/libraries/storelocator.

Step 2: Google Store Locator creates a content type called 'Store Location' in this content type you need to add mainly two fields (addressfield and geofield fields).

store image

store image

Step 3: Google Store Locator creates a View called 'Location Export' that generates a JSON file of all the location nodes you create. Currently two fields are here, you add both the new fields( addressfield and geofield fields) in the view.

store image

store image

Step 4: Add "GeoJSON Feed" in the view format and apply these setting configuration.

store image

Step 5: Save your view and visit our store locator page. By default store locator page path is "Your site name"/store-locator but you can change it to change the Google Store Locator configuration setting.

Goto :- admin/Configuration/Google Store Locator

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