Implementation Of Facet Search View With Facet Filter


To get FACET Search Views firstly you have to configure solr with Apache. Once you done with configuration then download following modules from and place them into sites/all/modules:

  1. ApacheSolr
  2. Faceapi
  3. Search API Page
  4. Apache Solr Views

Step 1: Enable these modules

Enable module image

Step 2: Create Facet Search View

Now during apache configuration you have created a search Index. So you need to create view for that particular "Index".

Create a view (admin/structure/views/add) for the index you have created( example : node search)

view image

view1 image

Step 3: Enable Facet Block

Now go to admin/config/search/search_api and enable the facet block. So that block will be available as Structure block and you can easily assign these blocks to a region.

facet1 image

facet2 image

Step 4: Assign Facet Block to Regions

Go to /admin/structure/block and assign facet block to region. Enable the Facet API.. This will be visible at the view of the respective index.(ex :node search )

facet3 image

After this you get facet search option at the respective view page.

Facet4 image

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