Implementation Of Facet Search View With Facet Filter

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To get FACET Search Views firstly you have to configure solr with Apache. Once you done with configuration then download following modules from and place them into sites/all/modules:

  1. ApacheSolr
  2. Faceapi
  3. Search API Page
  4. Apache Solr Views

Step 1: Enable these modules

Enable module image

Step 2: Create Facet Search View

Now during apache configuration you have created a search Index. So you can create view for that particular "Index".

Create a view (admin/structure/views/add) for the index you have created( example : node search)

view image

view1 image

Step 3: Enable Facet Block

Now go to admin/config/search/search_api and enable the facet block. So that block will be available as Structure block and you can easily assign these blocks to a region.

facet1 image

facet2 image

Step 4: Assign Facet Block to Regions

Go to /admin/structure/block and assign facet block to region. Enable the Facet API.. This will be visible at the view of the respective index.(ex :node search )

facet3 image

After this you get facet search option at the respective view page.

Facet4 image

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