Quick Forms Lightweight alternative to Webform


Qforms module is similar to webform module but it is much lighter then webform and is much simpler for using. The main idea behind qforms module is to keep it simple for the end user.

Qforms or 'Quick Forms' enables users of your site to create custom forms like surveys, questionnaires, contact/request/register forms...

When enabled, this module will create qform content type on your site. Users with correct permission can then create new qform content and in form builder sections can add custom form elements and configure additional form submit actions.

Qforms includes simple reporting tools and is also capable of exporting submitted data to a csv file for detailed statistical calculations.

Step1. Installation

Download Quick Forms

Enable the module

Step2. Set up Qform

GO to node/add/qform

Give the form Name in the title field

In the form builder box select field type


Suppose to select single line textfield

Qform field

Title : In this field give the name of field label

Description Give the discription of the field

Size : Give the size of the field

Required : Check the checkbox if you wanna make it require

Visible : Check the checkbox to visible to this field

Same this way you can add more field as much you want.

Step3. Settings

Click on Menu Setting tab and check provide a menu link.

Click on Form Setting tab.

Select action as you want from Action to take on form submission

Check the checkbox Send an email on form submission for email notification

Click on Comment Setting tab and click on closed radio button if you don't want to comment on your form.

Click on Publishing Option tab and uncheck Promoted to front page .

Now Click on Save button for saving your configuration.

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