Top 10 Drush commands


drush status - See main information and status of the website.

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$ drush help - Use the 'help' command to get a list of available options and commands.

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pm-update --pipe (up --pipe) - Up --pipe is used to show the list of modules which need to be update.

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variable get (vget) - Get a list of some or all site variables and values.

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drush archive-dump (ard) - drush archive-dump will backup your code, database and files (from the files directory) into a single file.

Use the destination option to tell it where to put the backup file. drush ard --destination=/var/www/site/backups/test.tar

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refresh (rf) - Refresh update status information.

Refresh image

drush user-create - Create a new user

ex- drush user-create username --mail="" --password="xxxxxx"

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drush ws -See last logged events (watchdog)

Drush ws

drush -n pm-update -View the update status of modules.

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download (dl) - Download core Drupal and projects like CCK, Zen, etc

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