Top 50 Drush Commands.


$ drush [options] [argument1] [argument2]

drush status :  See main information and status of the site

drush cc all :  Clear the cache

drush sql-query "DELETE FROM cache" :  Clear the cache, even if Drupal is broken

drush dl drupal :  Download core Drupal and projects like CCK, Zen, etc.

drush en name_of_module -y :  Enable a module

drush dis name_of_module :  Disable a module

drush pm-uninstall module_name -y :  Uninstall a module

drush pm-list | grep module_name :  See if a module is available

drush pm-list --type=Module --no-core --status=enabled :  See all contrib and custom modules that are enabled

drush up module_name :  Update a module

drush updb:  Update database

drush vget :  Get a list of some or all site variables and values.

drush vset :  Set a variabl.e

drush vdel :  Delete a variable.

drush sql load :  Copy source database to target database

drush help :  Print this help message

drush rf :  Refresh update status information

drush upwd --password="zxcv" admin :  Set a password for a user

drush user-block ren :  Block a user

drush uli :  Get a one-time login link for the Administrator user

drush site-install :  Install Drupal

drush ws --tail :  See logged events in real time

drush user-create :  create a new user

drush user-create username --mail="" --password="password"

drush user-cancel username :  Delete a user.

drush user-password :  Change a password.

drush archive-dump :  Backup your code, files, and database into a single file.

drush site-alias :  See all drush aliases

drush sql-drop :  Drops all the tables in the given database

drush cron :  Triggers drupal cron run.

drush features-list :  List all the available features for your site

drush sql-sync :  Copy and import source database to target database.

Example :  $ drush sql-sync @demo.mysite @local.mysite

drush scr :  Executes PHP files.

drush features-revert :  Reverts the specific features

drush sql-cli :  Open a SQL command-line interface using Drupal’s credentials.

drush sql-conf :  Print database connection details

drush test clean :  Delete leftover tables and files from prior test runs.

drush sql-dump :  Exports the Drupal DB as SQL using mysqldump.

drush sql-load :  Copy source database to target database

drush make :  Turns a makefile into a working Drupal codebase.

drush version :  Displat Drush Version

drush bam-backups :  Get a list of previously created backup files.

drush sql-create :  Create a database.

drush fu feature_name :  Update a Feature with database changes

drush image-flush all :  Flush image styles

drush site-install :  Install Drupal site.

drush cron-run :  Run Ultimate Cron

drush topic :   full list of Drush commands and documentation by version

drush field-delete fieldname :  Delete a field

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