$ drush [options] [argument1] [argument2]

drush status :  See main information and status of the site

drush cc all :  Clear the cache

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When we are developing, it’s often useful to have many smaller stylesheets rather than one huge one.This can reduce the performance of a webpage If we have five style sheets on a particular page,

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Step 1: Download DraggableViews module and enable it.


This module provides dragging entities and saving their order.

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SassScript supports the many types of operations such as Number Operations, Color Operations, String Operations, Boolean Operations, etc...

Lets see the example of each operation and learn how to use it in files...

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The expose functionality provides the user to filter the result according to our choice.

Step 1: Create a views page with the fields you wish to display.

Step 2: Add the filter criteria fields

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Drupal provides a great multilanguage possibilities for your website. Drupal core already offers a way to translate the website interface AND your content (nodes) in multiple languages.

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Follow the simple steps to setup DHTML Menu for mobile device:--

Step 1: Download DHTML Menu module and enable it.

Step 2: Configure the DHTML Menu

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