Website Maintenance Work

We take maintenance work of drupal websites. Lets us know if you are experiencing any kind of problem in your drupal website. We can maintain your website at very economical rate that will fit your budget. We will upgrade security issues, upgrade modules to their latest relase version, upgrade theme, upgrade total website. We are very good in providing maintenance services.

We have seen that many website owner are not concerned about upgrading their website to latest drupal version or they are not maintaing the website periodically. This way the site becomes slow because of security updates released by drupal periodically.

I have seen many drupal website developed in drupal5 2 and half years back were not maintained properly and now those websites needs a complete rebuild now a days because drupal 5 is older version and these days drupal 7 is in use. There is no way that a site can be upgraded from drupal5 to drupal7 . It then needs a complete rebuild and thus it is out of budget for many site owners. Drupal 6 sites can be upgraded to drupal 7 but drupal 5 sites can not be directly upgraded to drupal 7 . It needs complete rebuild if a site is in Drupal5 and it needs to upgrade it to drupal 7. So website maintenance is an important and ongoing part. AS in SDLC process maintenance is an ongoing process , so sites must be maintained time to time. It help you take control of your site, driving new business.

We will help your website maintaining periodically at very economical rate. Tasks such as security updates, theme updates, module upgrades takes very less time to do. So it does not take a big amount to maintain your website. Fill the form below and we will get in touch with you.